Collaboration with Emma Whitehead Textile Artist

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Following on from last week's mentoring session with Emma Whitehead - Textile Artist, and the lovely post she wrote about our collaboration, it's my turn to repay the compliment before our next session on Tuesday!  Emma is a textile artist who uses traditional  and innovative embroidery techniques to create three dimensional artworks.  The first thing that struck me about Emma's work is the vibrancy of the colours she uses - I was really struck by the vividness and warmth that emanates from her work. 

Emma is working on a series of Astral inspired artworks, as well as a series on Butterflies, which are created as personal commission pieces - these artworks are absolutely beautiful and heartwarming, as they are location specific and exceptionally personalised, I'd say Emma will soon be fully booked out for the Christmas deadline!!  We spoke at length during our last session about the Commission process and how we engage with our customers -  from the initial consultation process, to the design stage, establishing a price and deadline, and the completion/delivery of the artwork.  We both shared very similar stories, which was reassuring!!

Another interesting fact about Emma is that she lives where 'Winterfell' of Game of Thrones is filmed!! She reassured me it's not as cold there as it appears in the TV programme!!  

Looking forward to our next meeting on Tuesday, if you want to see more of Emma Whitehead's artwork, check out


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